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Legacy Academy is committed to providing a Kingdom-centered education while partnering with parents to provide a foundation built on Truth, guide students to develop qualities that reflect God’s character, and provide opportunities for children to function as the body of Christ in service to God and others.

Legacy Academy has a Biblical worldview that is integrated into everything we do.


We believe these three ingredients are key to a child’s success in this order:


Parents: God has entrusted you as the parents to train and educate His children. The success of your children is directly connected to your faith and commitment to God’s Word.


Church: We encourage every family to be a participating member of a local church that has a biblical worldview and reflects the Word of God.


School: The school will not replace the parents or the church but should come alongside the parents and the church to strengthen the truth of God’s Word.


When these three are unified, our children will become Kingdom men and women.


At Legacy Academy, we offer flexibility in homeschooling with the benefits of hands-on learning in a social, Kingdom-centered environment.

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